Talks & Slides that I've done :camera:

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Parallel Tests: Benefits and Pitfalls (10.01.2021)

A short talk about Parallel Tests in Rails, held at vienna.rb.

Imgproxy (10.01.2021)

Internal talk about how to add Imgproxy to an existing Rails project.


Git Good with Git (16.01.2020)

A beginners talk held at the Vienna freeCodeCamp Meetup.


Improving Backend Testing (28.03.2019)

Internal talk for the backend team at Meister.


An Introduction to Frontend Testing (19.10.2018)

Held at Vienna freeCodeCamp Meetup.

Refactoring and Testing Legacy Code (18.09.2018)

Held at Con.ect event at Vienna together with a colleague.

A Software Testing Crashcourse (28.09.2018)

Internal talk held for colleagues. My first time using reveal.js.


Software Sucks (29.05.2017)

A quick talk for Technical English Presentation at University. That one was fun.